Disadvantages of Metal Braces Over Clear Aligners


The metal braces could be seen as quite an outdated solution in today’s fast-paced world. Clear Aligners offer a more convenient, painless and affordable solution to get the teeth alignment with no hassle and restrictions.

The teeth misalignment is quite a common problem these days. As most of the people face issues in day-to-day life, they look for the best solutions to get the problem fixed with no hassle and complications. There are a lot of considerations to be taken care of while choosing a perfect solution for your teeth alignment treatment. There is an old age solution available to get it treated right, but you need to look for something convenient and affordable to get the best result-oriented treatment. Many people look for the option of metal braces to get their teeth alignment done at cheaper prices but they generally ignore the negative effects or complications it poses during the course of the treatment. Smile Aligner® brings to you a convenient option over the hassle of metal braces to give you a painless treatment experience at affordable prices.

Smile Aligner® – Say Goodbye to Metal Braces

Are you looking for a painless treatment with no worries? The metal braces might cause inconvenience and pain for a while since it is totally based on the use of metal wires. In contrary to it, Smile Aligner® offers a convenient treatment to the candidates putting no restrictions on their personal and social life. It is completely free from the hassle of unwanted pains and bleeding gums. As we fabricate the aligners in our own laboratory using clear plastic material, it applies gentle pressure on teeth to shift it towards the desired position in lesser time compared to braces.

Disadvantages of Metal Braces over Clear Aligners

Here are some disadvantages of braces over the clear aligner treatment to give you a better idea as a part of your teeth alignment treatment.

1. Painful treatment Experience: The metal braces are composed of complex metal structures and wiring. It often results in bleeding gums, soreness and might also cause pain and discomfort for a while during the course of treatment. This is a big complication as it might affect your social and personal life in various ways.

2. The appearance of Metal Braces hampers social life: The metal braces are clearly visible which might hamper your social life and self-presentation. It is being seen that many people lose confidence because of the ugly-looking metal braces that definitely hampers their self-image. It might also become a huge disadvantage in terms of professional growth.

3.  Restrictions on Eating & Enjoying your favorite food: The metal braces have certain kind of limitations on eating food which is not suitable for consumption because of the metal braces. It can be a complication, as some chewy food and crunchy particles can get stuck in between and harm the metal braces. The orthodontists usually recommend a strict food chart to keep you away from such complications. This might also restrict you from eating some of your favorite meals and dishes for a certain period.

4. Multiple Dentist Visits & Appointments: The candidate has to be quite cautious during the course of treatment and he/she has to visit the dentist on a regular basis to get the timely checkup and adjustments of the braces done by the dentist. It might also result in slight pain for a day or two after the adjustment of braces. This requires a lot of your time and patience to get the best result-oriented treatment.

5.  Time-Consuming Process for Best Results: One has to wear metal braces for a long duration of time say several months to years to get the best results as per the complexity of the case. This can cause huge discomfort and might pose some restrictions on you for such a long duration of time.

6. Non-Removable and Complications of flossing: It might become quite tough to maintain dental hygiene as metal braces might not be a convenient option for the regular brushing of teeth or normal flossing. The candidate has to visit an orthodontist to get the cleaning done in the proper manner. The metal braces can’t be removed before the completion of treatment.

Why Choose Smile Aligner® over Metal Braces?

Still confused about what to choose for your teeth alignment treatment? Smile Aligner® is now easily available at affordable prices at the price of metal braces. As compared to the complications of metal braces, choosing a painless and convenient treatment of Smile Aligner® could be a boon for you. Since it is completely transparent and invisible, it won’t hamper your personal and professional life in any case. It also offers you complete freedom to eat your favorite food with no restrictions and hassle of following a strict diet plan. In terms of ease and convenience offered by the Smile Aligner®, nothing could be better than this to get a hassle-free and painless teeth alignment option.

Smile Aligner® also aims towards offering you complete assurance of result-oriented treatment at affordable prices and ensures complete freedom on your personal and professional life. It could never be so easy to get the teeth alignment done with no hassle and complications in your life.

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