Clear Aligner Treatment Process – Detailed Guide

Clear Aligner Treatment

Clear Aligner Treatment Process – Detailed Guide

Are you facing any difficulties to get the perfect treatment for the teeth misalignment issues? There are many possible solutions available for teeth misalignment problems but it is always recommended to find the best solution to get satisfactory results out of your treatment. If you have been searching for teeth misalignment treatment options for a while, you might have got to know about the various options that are available in India for you to get your beautiful smile back. Clear Aligners is one such solution which offers you a painless and convenient treatment without any restrictions on eating food and enjoying your social and professional life. As these aligners are completely different from the traditional metal braces, this approach is quite a good option for you to get the expected treatment without any hassle. 

If you really love your smile and don’t want to shy away from the world, Smile Aligner® can be a perfect solution for your problem. It is completely transparent in shape and design which hardly gets noticed by anybody while you wear unlike in the case of traditional braces where people force them to hide their beautiful smile. Smile Aligner® offers you confidence and self-esteem while you are on your treatment plan. It also gives you the freedom to eat and socialize with your near and dear ones without affecting your social and professional life. 

How Does Smile Aligner® treatment works? The Smile Aligner® is an Invisalign like aligner made up of a transparent plastic material to offer perfect and desired shape to your teeth. The process works in terms of identifying the exact issue of the candidate’s teeth and jawline by scanning the impression and then defining detailed movements through the use of the software to work towards possible outcomes of teeth misalignment issue. The aligners are fabricated as per the exact requirement so that they can fit conveniently without the scope of pain and soreness. Once the aligners are made as per the requirement of the candidate, the candidate has to wear a set of aligners for several weeks based on the prepared treatment plan. Teeth aligners apply gentle pressure on the tooth to shift it to its original shape and size. In particular, Clear Aligner system is preferred for “mild to moderate crowding (1–6 mm) and mild to moderate spacing (1–6 mm)”, in cases where there are no discrepancies of the jawbone.

What types of Issues Smile Aligner® can treat? Smile Aligner® is capable of providing you the best treatment and solution for most of the teeth misalignment issues. If you are facing trouble while identifying it right, here are various issues which Smile Aligner® can treat to offer you a beautiful smile.

1. Overbite and Underbite: It refers to the teeth extending above or below each other.

2. Crossbite and Openbite: It refers to misalignment of jaws which are not in proper line and shape. 

3. Spacing: The gaps between teeth can leave scope for cavities as food gets stuck in between. It is advised to get it treated to eliminate any further chances of cavities. 

4. Crowding: The teeth don’t fit in properly to the jawline in case of crowding. One tooth usually overlaps the other in an irregular manner. 

5. Overjet: It is referred to the condition when one tooth intersects above other teeth. 

How Smile Aligner® is different from other Clear Aligners? There are numerous aligner systems available to treat teeth misalignment issues. While one offers an advantage over the other, it gets quite tough to come to the conclusion while choosing the best treatment option for getting the desired outcome. In order to make it easy for you to decide between the best treatment options, here are some of the points to distinguish Smile Aligner® from other clear aligners available in India.

Smile Aligner® offers convenient, reliable and result-oriented treatment by ensuring proper satisfaction as per the candidate’s expectation and requirement. In terms of technical aspects, most of the aligners usually come in single thickness variants, while Smile Aligner® offers different thickness variants to apply gentle pressure on teeth to push it towards its original placement as per the identified requirements beginning from mild to moderate pressure on case to case basis.

In terms of pricing as well, the price range of Smile Aligner® begins from the price similar to that of metal braces which usually ranges from INR 35,000 and goes up to INR 1.5 Lacs depending upon the complexity of the case. Smile Aligner® is best in quality, affordable and offers value for money as compared to other options available to treat your teeth misalignment issues without the scope of pain, restrictions, and worries.

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